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The INJECTION POINT S.r.l. is a company which manufactures in Turin, Italy, and its products are hot runner systems, both 24V and 24V bushings, open flow and valve gate for all types of thermoplastic material. It also manufactures a unique filter nozzles. The company specializes in producing hot runner systems, from small dimensions manifolds to a 2300mm of manifolds.

The firm was started in 2001 by Mr SERGIO POZZAN, A REPUBLIC KNIGHT, who has been in PLASTHING S.A.S. (Via Matteo Bandello, 12 – Torino), employ, for 26 years, until Mr Massano M. Enrico – the principal – decease in 2000. Here Mr Pozzan was the PROJECT MANAGER, the PRODUCTION MANAGER and the QUALITY MANAGER.

So the founder has a long years’ experience in the designing and manufacturing hot runner systems and moulds for single daylight, double daylight, i.e. stack moulds; also two material moulds for shuttle systems and rotational moulds.
INJECTION POINT S.r.l. is all fully proven for thermoplastic use and also manufacture Hot Runner Controllers for the control of the Hot Runner process.

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