Hot Runner systems


We are builders of both open flow and valve gate injection systems. Our systems are built in total adaptation to the needs of the dimensions necessary for the customer.

The general assembly drawing ga of the mould must detail.
  • The overall dimensions of the mould.
  • Mould plate dimensions including thickness.
  • Component feed center.
  • Center of all bolts and dowels.
  • Water cooling for the fixed and moving half.
  • The mould height – please note that the minimum height required for the mainfold system is 180 mm (7.1 inches) measured from the tip or feed point of the bushing to the rear of the backplate. Any special requirements with regard to the feed point area.
  • Indication of “top of mould”.
  • When designing a tool to incorporate a hot rummer system, spacers are required either side of the manifold to prevent the machine locking force being applied direct to the bushings and manifold.
  • Size of bushing required.
  • Reference dimension from feed point to read of bushing plate.
Customer details required by INJECTION POINT S.r.l.
  • Component.
  • Material specification sheet.
  • Weight.
  • General wall thickness.
  • No. of cavities.
  • No. of feed points.
  • Type and make of moulding machine (toggle/hydraulic manufacturer).
  • Locking force: Tonne.
  • Space between the bars.
  • Machine platen dimesion.
  • Max mould height (for toggel closure system).
  • Max opening stoke.
  • Max daylight between platens.
  • Location ring diameter.
  • Injection pressure kg/cm².
  • Injection speed cm³/sec.