Injection Point's production

The INJECTION POINT S.r.l. can propose a wide range of products with its proven experience about hot runner systems, both 24V and 24V bushings, open flow and valve gate for all types of thermoplastic material, manufactures a unique filter nozzles. INJECTION POINT S.r.l. may also is all fully proven for thermoplastic use and also manufacture Hot Runner Controllers for the control of the Hot Runner process.

We remember, also, that for any specific request or to ask information it's possible to contact us filling in our contact's form.

Our products

All Injection Point's products are made in Italy, at our headquarters in Settimo Torinese

IPS Single Bushings

IPS type single bushings. All IPS components are totally interchangeable each other. Max approximately injection capacity from 150 ccm to 3000 cmc

FLS Single Bushings

Open Flow Single Bushings FLS3, FLS7, FLS10 Types with components totally interchangeable each other

FLM Multiple Bushings

Open Flow multiple bushings FLM3, FLM7, FLM10 type all components are totally interchangeable each other.

IPM multiple bushings

Multiple bushings type IPM all components are totally interchangeable with each other.

Special Application

Injection Point can offer special parts of components makes on to solve specific Customer’s necessity


Filter nozzles by Injection Point are crucial in the elimination of contaminated thermoplastic material

Hot Runner systems

We are builders of both open flow and valve gate injection systems in total adaptation of the dimensions necessary for the customer


Resellers of 24V and 220V heaters, with or without thermocouples, “J” or “K” type (or, if necessary, TP100 thermowellows).

Thermocouples and Thermoprobe

Resellers of thermocouples, type “J” or “K” (or, if necessary, TP100 thermowellows)

Thermoregulation Units

Exclusive dealers for Italy (for sale and assistance) of the EFI perfectly compatible with all the kind of injection systems 240V